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Product Information

All of our planter boxes are made from aluminium because of it's high durability and usability. The aluminium is cut to size and powder coated in a high quality powder seal combination which is designed for the New Zealand elements.




Our products are all about Ali. Every single box is manufactured with high quality aluminium which has a thickness of 1.1mm which in turn produces the perfect balance between strength and lightness. 


Powder Coating

Each planter box is produced with a high quality powder coating which has been engineered and tested to resist the harsh New Zealand conditions. Each planter box has a powder coating thickness of 80 microns which allows for superior UV resistance and significantly reduced chance of warping or peeling. Our powder coating is able to resist high salt spray concentrations and direct sunlight with temperatures over 55 degrees. All planter boxes are put together with stainless steal screws.



Adjustable feet

Our planter boxes come with adjustable feet which are easy to use if you wish to raise the height of your planter box.


Drainage holes

All of our planter boxes come with drainage holes in the bottom panel of the box. This allows for water to flow through the plant roots preventing over watering or drowning the plant.

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