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Our Story

As mentioned in the home page, we are a family owned business that firmly believes in good service and high quality.

Our passion for outdoor ideas developed when we launched our other business - Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens. We wanted to raise the bar on high quality products with long lifetimes in outdoor conditions - although our planter boxes can be used for indoor use if desired.

Our family business has worked with the handling of Aluminium for over 25 years and we have experienced first hand, the superior traits over it's common competitors, steel, wood, concrete and plastic.

With that, we created Aluminium Planter Boxes.

Our Boxes are manufactured overseas where they are cut to size, powder coated and carefully packaged for the long trip to NZ.

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Why Aluminium

From our experience Aluminium is by far the best material to manufacture planter boxes out of.

Aluminium has the following benefits.

  • Light weight (easy for relocation)

  • Natural corrosion resistance

  • Reflectivity (light & heat)

  • Strong & durable

  • Won't rust, warp or peel 

Competitors: Concrete, Wood and Steal.


  • Heavy (weight increases once soil and plant are added, which makes it hard to relocate)

  • Porous (absorbs stains which are very hard to remove & holds heat which can damage plants)

  • Additives and chemicals in concrete production (changes the PH of the soil which negatively impacts plant growth & chemicals leach into your vegetables)


  • Rotting (untreated wood will rot over time with moisture retention)

  • Chemicals (Impact the growth of plants and leach into vegetables)

  • Staining and painting required to keep planters looking good


  • Attracts heat and holds it (cooks the roots of the plant)

  • Very heavy (hard to relocate)

Better For Your Health

Unfortunately there is very little knowledge in the community when it comes to the chemicals used in the production of concrete and treated wood.

Concrete is know to have 5 main chemicals (Tricalcium silicate) that are used in production. Treated wood is the same with over 10 chemicals used (Borates & Copper azole). These processes are great to insure the longevity of the product but they are very harmful to both you and your plants health. If you choose to plant vegetables in either concrete or treated wood you run the risk of these chemicals leaching into your food. Unfortunately some of these chemicals have been directly linked to the heightened chance of many different cancers. 

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